Workplace Defibrillators

Is your workplace
Ready, Willing and Able?

Be Ready

Defibrillators (AEDs) are designed to help people with minimal training use them safely in tense, emergency situations. They have numerous built-in safeguards and are designed to deliver a shock only if the AED detects one is necessary. Their ease of use and built in safety mechanisms make AEDs suitable for use in all workplaces.

Be Willing

Calling 999 in the event of a cardiac arrest is critical, as is performing CPR on the victim. The chances of survival from cardiac arrest fall by ten percent every minute and the single most effective treatment for cardiac arrest is early defibrillation – providing a shock to the heart within the first three to five minutes.

Be Able

Costing as little as a personal computer, an AED is easy to use and maintain. Having AEDs readily available in your workplace makes total sense and can be the difference between life and death for a victim of cardiac arrest.

Remember, the quicker the casualty receives defibrillation the better chance there is that the casualty will survive. Every minute that goes by reduces the chance of survival by 10%.

Defibrillators (AEDs)

Help First Aid Training are now official suppliers of Lifepack CR Plus Defibrillators.

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Physio Control Lifepack CR Plus Fully Automatic Defibrillator
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Product Features

  • Fully automatic – the defibrillator will deliver a shock without manual intervention.
  • The CR Plus Defibrillator is supplied with 2 sets of adult pads, carry case and responder kit.
  • 8 year manufacturers warranty on the Physio Control Lifepak CR Plus Defibrillator.
  • Weekly and monthly automatic self tests performed by the defibrillator unit.

We also provide Defibrillator Competent User Training.

Why Buy a Defibrillator?

Over 30,000 people in the UK sustain cardiac arrest every year. It can happen to anyone at anytime, even children can have a cardiac arrest.The single most effective treatment of cardiac arrest is early defibrillation.

The Current Survival Rate for Cardiac Arrest in the UK is Only:

With the use of an AED within 3 minutes of Cardiac Arrest the survival rate goes up to: