Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Competent User - Half Day

This comprehensive course exceeds the core competencies as laid down by the UK Resuscitation Council.

Sudden cardiac arrest occurs due to an electrical malfunction which disrupts the heart’s normal rhythm (Ventricular Fibrillation or VF); left untreated it can lead to death in a few minutes.

90% of casualties in Cardiac Arrest are in a VF Arrest!

The only treatment for a VF arrest is a controlled electrical shock to the heart (Defibrillation).

The Current Survival Rate for Cardiac Arrest in the UK is Only:

With the use of an AED within 3 minutes of Cardiac Arrest the survival rate goes up to:

AED’s save lives, this is a proven fact. The course is designed to give students the skills and confidence to use the AED’s.

During the course the student will learn about:

  • Heart Conditions.
  • Basic Life Support & Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation.
  • Safe Use of the AED.
  • We ensure the students have plenty of time to practice using the AED.
The Automated External Defibrillator Competent User (Half Day) Course Costs £45 per student + VAT.
Course fee includes:
  • Professional instruction.
  • All required equipment to carry out the course.
  • Full colour manual.
  • AED Competent User Certificate valid for 12 months.

Course Enquiry

Courses are available at our modern training facility or at your own premises.

We can also supply Physio Control Lifepak CR Plus Defibrillators (AEDs).

To ensure that students receive appropriate training within the guidance provided by the UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines of 1 trainer per 6 students, we only have 6 places available per course.

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