First Aid at Work - Half Day Skills Update HSE Compliant

This half day update course provides students, with a current First Aid at Work certificate, the chance to practice any kills and knowledge that may have deteriorated during the three year qualification period.

The course is for those people holding a current First Aid at Work certificate or Emergency First Aid at Work certificate.

This course does not replace the re-qualification course required every three years to renew your First Aid at Work or Emergency First Aid at Work certificate.

By the end of the update, students will have been refreshed on the following areas of the First Aid course:

  • Principles of emergency first aid.
  • Basic life support (CPR).
  • Recognition and control of bleeding.
  • Choking and unconsciousness.
  • Treatment of burns and scalds.

The content of this course can also be tailored to specific requirements in your workplace e.g. nurses, high risk environments, or to address specific needs.

The Half Day Skills Update Course Costs £45 per student + VAT.
Course fee includes:
  • Professional instruction.
  • All required equipment to carry out the course.
  • Students will receive an attendance certificate valid for 1 year.

Course Enquiry

Courses are available at our modern training facility or at your own premises.

Since the 1st October 2009, the first aid regulations have changed and the HSE now strongly recommend that all qualified first aiders attend a half day annual update course as their skills and knowledge can deteriorate rapidly once the initial or re-qualification course is over.

You may need to reassess your company's first aid needs and the number of first aiders in your workplace. There should be a first aider available to take control of all first aid arrangements at all times when people are working.

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